Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month







Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Back way back when I was growing up, You only hear of domestic violence towards women.

Today as everything changes, not necessarily for the better, so has the face of domestic violence. Unfortunately, it is not spoken about as it should.

When I was growing up in Jamaica sadly, it was as if it was normal for men to verbally and physically abuse there girlfriends/wives. It was accepted and no one was talking about it. I am speaking from what I saw, I have no idea what those women were thinking or feeling. For one thing, I was a child and two no one was talking about it. However looking back it was as if the women just accepted that, that is how it is supposed to be. So then the cycle continues because no one was talking about it. 

Getting older, realizing and learning that Domestic Violence is neither normal or okay 

Now on to the present.

Although we have come along way in the fight against Domestic Violence in the last two decades, there is still so much that needs to be done. 

Why don’t they leave? Or that could not happen to me

This is something we hear quite often from others who do not understand, and I will not lie I am pretty sure at some point my young ignorant self-has said it too. Oh, how I wish I could take it back. Not to excuse it, but maybe because growing up in Jamaica as I did, men beating there women was such a common thing it was as if it was normal and no one was talking about it, not in the sense that it is wrong or anything at all, It was just accepted. 

You know when I first began to write this post, my intention was to do major research on the topic, I even wanted to talk with other women who have been in this horrible situation. What I got from that is that healing takes time and so  I truly wanted to speak from my heart.

And so to those who are still in it, I need you to know words cannot express the sorrow I have in my heart but know that I am praying for and with you. For those still battling the scars of something, you would rather forget, I want to encourage you to continue to seek to heal and you will get it. No, that you are stronger than your scars want you to believe, know that you deserve to be healed and know that I am pulling for you, praying with and for you.

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