Stop Pretending

Stop Pretending

Never Pretend To Be  Someone or Something You are Not

It only delays  you truly coming into who you are meant to be.

When my husband and I got home from picking up our daughter Jade from school today, our   youngest, and as he walked up to the door and picked up a package from the front door, and we all wanted to know who’s was it, because lets face it, ” Who does not like receiving an unexpected package in the mail.  I immediately responded with I did not order anything so it cannot be mine. In the back of my head, I am thinking our oldest son, Christopher who lives on his own almost a year now but still gets his mail at our house, I am thinking he ordered another car part. I noticed my husband put the package down on the table in the living room and headed upstairs so that confirmed it was not his. I went straight to the kitchen because I am thinking of dinner. Then Jade and I sat in the formal living room talking about her day, when my eyes gazed at the package and I noticed it had my name, Jade and I became very curious, well Jade it is more like nosey, she kept rushing me to open the package, but I kept saying no I did not order anything, but I finally looked and lo and behold it was for me, but I was confused although I knew my birthday was only a few days away, I had not given it any thought that maybe someone sent me something. However I noticed on the box a note that says any problem, to email this email address, so I said ok, This whole time wondering what could this be, then when I finally opened it and saw the beautiful box that said Wolfgang Puck 6 piece knife set, Oh my heart was filled with joy, because I love receiving those types of gifts, always have. Well, jade and I got really confused as to where and who sent them, my husband said it was not him. And I know my nineteen-year-old Jordana had just text me a couple of hours before to ask if I wanted clothes or soil for my birthday, and I already showed our 17-year-old Haley what to order online. Well then I finally text my son and played detective and it was from him

I went through all of that because I have always been one who rather home décor and or kitchen supplies for gifts. My family does not always like that about me but they have to live with it. Anyway when I was younger and I noticed that no one else was like me , no other young woman wanted shower curtains, pot sets, plate sets as a gift, instead they wanted jewelry, clothes, getting their hair and nails done And so naturally ( of course) I thought something was wrong with me. So when asked instead of telling people what I really wanted I followed the crowd. Not to say I did not like those things, they just were not first on my lists. When I was first married almost 20 years ago, I recall on our first anniversary my new husband said he would take me shopping, and when I told him where and what, he looked at me as if I had two heads, I was 27 and he was 25, and so this was very strange to him. I had been living on my own since 18, he had just left his parents home so maybe that had something to do with it also.  So guess what I did, I changed and I lied and said oh we did get those as wedding gifts, which we did not. And so I let him get me the jewelry and other things he thought was more suited for his young bride.  And he would make fun of my first response for a little while, but then eventually he learned that is truly how I am and although he still acts as if he thinks it is weird, he accepts it and appreciate it.

Having now three teen daughters do not help, they too think it strange, but accepts that is how mommy is. 


In my younger years I received so many gifts I would have rather not, but in my attempt to fit in to be like everyone else, that is what happened. So I want to urge you not to do that, if you feel as if you cannot be yourself around the people you call friends then please find new ones. Nothing and no one is worth you suffocating who you truly are.

You know I realize we teach our children to be different, to accept their difference, to not be followers and be themselves, and look at all those years that I was not being me.  I feel it is truly sad because it only delays you coming into who you truly are. And what is better than coming into and loving your true authentic self.


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