My purpose and passion are to not only to help you make home cooking a part of your life, but I truly want to encourage you to rise above every defeat that has happened in your life, to move past the pain and hurt to leave the past in the past and to live your best life possible.

Through several hardships such as years of childhood sexual abuse, poverty, feeling abandoned by both of my parents, being raped as a teenager that gave me my first child, to being a single mom suffered a massive stroke, years of seizures, and so much more.

I  had no choice but to learn how to fight, fight even when I did not want to, learn how to forgive even when it seemed impossible, love others especially my children and husband, when I had no idea what that was. And most of all and more importantly learn how to love me, because without that, how can you love anyone.


You deserve to live your best life possible, to have all of your heart desires and dreams be a reality.

You have the potential to Create the Life that you want. No one but you truly knows your heart your desires, they are deep on the inside of you. You should take the time to find out your true desires and go after it with everything you have.






It starts with believing in you, if you do not believe in yourself, then how can you expect someone else to believe in you.

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